Breast Feeding Well

The Advantages Of Breast Feeding Well

Baby Breast Feeding

Baby Breast Feeding

A few mothers have an edge with regards to breastfeeding, if they have been raised in a certain environment wherein the method of breastfeeding is encouraged and regarded as the natural way to feed a baby. They could have other members of the family or some friends who have been breast feeding their babies. Some moms however may not have had the opportunity to gain personal experience with regards to breastfeeding and are not able to have much support around them. They will then need to go for help and ask advice on how to perform breast feeding well.

While a lot of manufacturers of milk formulas strive to produce products that are as close to breast milk as possible, adding in nutrients such as nucleoties, prebiotics, and antioxidants that are naturally found in breast milk, nothing can really be as good as the real thing. That is why breast feeding well is still the most highly recommended practice of feeding a child. Both breastfeeding moms and babies benefit highly from breast feeding well. Some of these benefits include lowered risks of acquiring infections such as meningitis, diarrhea, ear infections, and colds; an increased score in the IQ of breastfed babies; a probable protective measure from SIDS; a quicker way to get back to the pre-pregnancy weight of for the breastfeeding mother; and a much lower risk for the mother to develop breast cancer or cancer of the ovary.

Breast feeding well is also more convenient and much less expensive. Baby formula is not that cheap and doing things the natural way will definitely be an advantage. Choosing to breastfeed is choosing the best option for both a mother and a baby to stay healthy. However, if there is really some difficulty to breastfeed, providing the baby with formula that is iron-fortified is the next best choice.