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The time will come that a mother needs to go back to work a few weeks after delivery. Women who breastfeed their babies during the first few weeks of life will resort to expressed milk breastfeeding using pumps. Pumping expressed milk is a task that every mother does at some point in their baby’s lives. The reasons from one mother to another may vary, but most mothers begin feeding their milk to their babies through a bottle when their maternity leave is almost over and/or their babies start teething.


It is important to note however, that feeding your baby with expressed milk through a bottle isn’t a bad thing to do as a mother. It’s a task that most responsible mothers do to ensure that their babies are still getting the best milk product there is-your breast milk.


Here is a list of pumping tips for mothers who are all ready to start on expressed milk feeding for their babies. I will be stressing that a strict adherence to your pumping schedule is crucial so you can stimulate your body to automatically produce milk at a specific time each day.



It is ideal to start pumping when you’re two weeks away from going back to work. This is important so you can get used to the mechanism of the pump which you will be using. Conditioning your breasts to increase your milk production can be done through expressing your milk by use of a pump as well. Start as early as you can when you know that you will be busy once you start working again.




It is ideal that mothers do their expressed milk pumping routine during mornings. The supply of milk within your milk ducts has been replenished while you were sleeping, so the milk flow from your breast to the bottle will be easier and faster. You are also guaranteed to pump out sufficient amounts since the milk that you will be expressing the morning is the milk supply that was not expressed during your hours of sleep. Remember, breast milk production does not stop even when you are sleeping or resting.




Do not be a cheapskate and resort to buying low-end pumps. If you want efficient and fast pumping, it’s best to invest on high-quality and obviously more expensive pumps. In this way, you don’t have to worry about technical problems when you’re using them at home or during your breaks at work.

Electronic pumps are the best way to go if you want efficient milk flow. You will be assured that you are expressing enough milk supply for a whole day’s worth of your baby’s nutritional needs.


If you do not have the budget to buy a high-end electronic pump, there are several organizations and centers which rent out lactation pumps to mothers. But be very careful on choosing what pump is ideal for you. There’s little risk for cross infection if you rent out a pump at lactation centers. But just to be safe, its way better that you have a trusty brand new pump for personal use.




Ideally, pumping should be done twice a day: one session in the morning and one pumping session after you breastfeed your baby in the evening.  Pumping in the evening will after your baby had breastfed will provide you with continuous milk flow so you minimize the amount of pumping time in the morning. You body’s milk production will increase tremendously if you pump breast milk twice a day. This will condition your body to produce more milk than what you need. This is not a problem since you can always store your breast milk in the refrigerator for future use.




After pumping breast milk, it is crucial that you store them in a cool place. This is where refrigeration of expressed milk comes in. Storing breast milk does not affect or alter the nutritional value and quality of your breast milk. Store them at ideal cool temperatures so your breast milk wouldn’t go to waste. Refrigerated milk can be stored at less than 70°F should be used before the 8th day from the day of storage.


Frozen milk on the other hand can be stored in the freezer for up to three months. This is perfect for mothers who need to go out of town for work business trips. Ensure that you have enough milk supply in your freezer/refrigerator will be give you a sense of security that even when you are away, you have done your part as a loving and caring mother to provide her with the best milk in a bottle.




When you are pumping at home before you leave for work, always remember to relax when you’re undergoing a pumping session. This is essential so your body will relax as well, thus stimulating a more natural and increased flow of milk production.


Don’t look at expressed milk pumping as work but a way of expressing to your babies that you will always be there for them through your breast milk. They wouldn’t notice that they are feeding from the bottle. They know that it’s their mother’s milk just from the taste of it. Pumping though an anti-thesis to skin to skin breastfeeding is the next best thing to providing your babies with the nourishment and care that they need during the first few months of life.


Expressing your milk using breast pumps or even by hand will initially be uncomfortable for mothers. But once you get the hang of it, it will never see like a chore anymore. It might feel weird using a pump to induce milk production, but this is still a better means of providing your infants with the best milk for them to facilitate growth and development than providing them with milk formula in cans.


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